Reginald is Surprised

This piece is a flash fiction piece for the Dark Fairy Queen Bridal Shower Anthology. A writerly friend of mine is getting married and a bunch of us are showering her with fiction pieces about love and marriage :-) Enjoy

Reginald is the lovable and curmudgeonly Opossum sorcerer from The Keeper of the Keys Chronicles. He first appears in Flight of Blue, and then in his own version of the events, Reginald’s Tale.

Marriage is an estate generally considered desirable, or so I am told. I personally never understood what would motivate one to give up so much in terms of freedom and privacy for the addition of companionship, and, what is it they say? Oh yes, love.

This was my unswerving opinion as I dedicated myself solely to my studies in magic, leaving no one surprised that I arrived in my middle years still unattached to any female.

One spring Thursday, I was caught away from home when the skies opened up and drenched me. Despite the warmer weather, I was quite grouchy climbing the tree to my home.

One may imagine my disgruntlement when I found not only Rowan, my assistant, among my books, but also a female Opossum I had never met. They looked up when I shut the door none too gently behind me.

“Reginald!” Rowan hopped up, shoving his round glasses up his nose. They promptly slid down again as he dodged around some books. “Let me take your coat.”

The female Opossum moved to the stove and put on the kettle. “You’re soaked, poor thing! What sort of tea would warm you up?”

Surprised, I grunted, “Ginger,” and went to change clothes.

When I came out, the female interloper handed me a mug of steaming tea.

“I’m Cordelia.” She held out her right forepaw.

“I am Reginald.” I sat and sipped the tea. “Will you not sit?” I gestured at the other chair.

She warmed both forepaws around a mug of tea, studying me with bright eyes. “I know who you are. Rowan has told me so much about you.”

“Ah he has, has he? Where did he go, anyway?”

“He said he had to go collect some things.”

“In this rain?” I realized later of course, that the rascal had done it on purpose.

Want to read the rest? Hop over to my author page :-)

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What I know…

Back Porch

It’s been a really long time since I blogged…

Sometimes, or maybe a lot of times, I feel like I can’t balance all the parts of me, like the different things I want to do are all competing for attention, or pulling me in different directions all the time.

But recently, towards the beginning of the year, I was struck by the idea that all these things aren’t different and competing things, they are all part of my life. And I only have one of those.

So maybe it’s not many things pulling in different directions, but a matter of balance and rotation to enjoy all the things that are important to me. I can’t do all of them in any given day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t rotate through them, while keeping certain things a part of every day.

Here’s what I know:

I know I value beauty. Because of this, I want to continue on my quest to organize and minimize the contents of my home to make it easier to clean up and maintain in less time. We have made great strides in that direction on the first floor, and recently I’ve expanded that to the shed and the back porch. The back porch is our main entrance and like any high traffic area, was a clutter magnet, especially in the corner by the door. Solution? I deep-sixed the mildewy chairs, and put the table in the corner by the door, then I scoured craigslist for about a week until these awesome chairs popped up. Not only are they painted mustard (most recently), but they are old and well built, and match the style of another chair we have already.

More on that later…

Back Porch

I value hand-made. I started making more and more myself because I discovered that I could often make high-quality items for less than I could purchase them. In the case of this play tee-pee however, I’m could possibly have purchased something similar from Etsy for about $20 more than I spent on materials. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but I am so happy with how this turned out, and I learned some sewing techniques along the way that will help me create more beautiful things for our home. And I got to use fabric I designed :-) Bonus!

Play Tent

I value art. So I incorporate it where ever I can, like in this retro truck design for Eli’s 2nd birthday next month. I’m going to put it on bunting and cupcake signs etc. And… more on that later ;-)

Retro Truck Tee

I value writing, which is a part of making art. But I’ve spent too much time talking about that on this site when I have posted.

And one other thing I know… I know my life is too changeable right now to make declarations about when I will post, what I will post about and so forth. So, no guarantees. I’m going to take that pressure off myself (and if I know myself, which I sometimes do, that will mean more posts). And I’m not looking for a rhyme or reason anymore. This is simply about my life. That means I’m going to write about what I’m doing for friends and family (and extended internet friends too, of course ;-) ), and that’s it.

The theme is beauty in life and everyday art, in all kinds of different manifestations.

I hope you’ll stick around as I hop around and figure out what that means.

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Treason Book Tour

I was fortunate enough to receive a review copy of Treason. It made me very happy, because I’d been waiting for it ever since stumbling across Lichgates one day and devouring it quite quickly. So to not have to wait for the release date was awesome!

But since you are probably more interested in the book itself, here are my impressions.

I was very impressed with Lichgates as a modern, epic fantasy with great characters, an imaginative new world, an ancient form of magic, and some nice, tight story telling that made me want to keep turning the pages to see what was next.

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Friday Fotos

Simple moments are often the best. My instagrams from this week.

He loves to help with whatever I’m doing. Here he is sweeping the driveway to collect pine needles for mulch.

The Good Shepherd and the Sheep. I love this presentation for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and the children love it too.

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Brain Candy=Free Books!

Free treats for your brain! Take a Halloween vacation to a spookily different future, and two fabulous and freaky other worlds.

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